Why should we make time to keep flexible?

I am without a doubt far less flexible these days as I have not until recently donated enough time to bothering with it. So I was glad that I have finally started to really listen to my body now that I am about to reach half a century. How?

I have started having more sports/deep tissue massages at my own practice (obviously!) rather than always giving them but never taking a dose of my own medicine.

I added in the deep stretch class to my weekly itinerary of exercising so along with my local strength, cardio and pilates classes at Total Body Fitness in Warlingham, I feel so much better. The fact that I can combine online training on my busy days, with some (strictly socially distanced) classes inside the local halls and outside in the parks, is perfect.

My new 21 year old body (I wish) did save me the other day though, and when I nearly went flat on my face over a tree root on a fast walk/slow lollop in the woods with my jack russell, it made me realise that taking extra care of my hip flexors during the previous days and weeks, had really paid off. I was able to save myself from the fall in a way that I would not have been able to previously (I speak from experience of a few embarrassing falls along the way!) I also did not ache the next day after challenging myself to the first 5km run at a reasonable pace, that I had done for some time. The difference? Flexibility. My body can now noticeably withstand more physical stress, and feels less pain on a daily basis, regardless of the fact that I am getting older, and if I’m honest, am around half to two thirds as fit as I was in my 30’s and 40’s.

Regardless of this, the flexibility has helped me with improved physical performance. I have finally learned the meaning in life of BALANCE, both mentally and physically. And this new philosophy of not believing I must always be working, and always break sweat when exercising, has given me a new found freedom. And that in turn has given me a much needed uplift of spirits and brought back my positive state of mind post lockdown. I am embracing how to move forwards in life rather than thinking crikey, I can’t run as fast any more, or see as many clients without feeling tired. Flexibility has done all of those things.