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What is Sports Massage

What is Sports Massage

People often misconstrue sports massage as the type of massage needed when they are an elite athlete. If not elite, training and exercising to a very high standard nonetheless. Wrong! Recently, “Soft Tissue Therapy” now replaces “Sports Massage” to avoid the confusion in the past.

Unfortunately, soft tissue therapy does not explain much either. It can encompass a beautician’s very light, relaxing massage and specifically targeted deep work into the muscles. So let me explain what it is and any differences from other forms of massage.

Firstly, any massage begins and ends with warming the muscles through. Even during a sports massage, the therapist should carry out long, warming strokes upward. These should be along the body before working deeper.  A deep tissue massage then combines some deeper work but can still be relaxing.

Sports often focus on one area of the body instead of a full body. However, at TLC, tailor-made treatment plans will suit your specific needs. Some people come for an overhaul – they are not necessarily sporty, but they stay active.  Sports massage even benefits the sedentary.

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