Sports Massage & Injury

TLC offers a range of massage services in both Coulsdon and Sanderstead. These include sports, deep tissue, holistic, pregnancy and lymphatic drainage.

All forms of massage are useful for releasing muscle tension and restoring balance to the muscular-skeletal system.

Sports massage reduces the strain and discomfort caused by training or participating in sport, and encourages the body to heal and repair any injuries sustained. However, you do not only have to be sporty to benefit from a sports massage – the techniques used are widely beneficial for everyday aches and pains also. It is now widely recognised as a regular form of maintenance, both physically and physiologically.  We also offer kinesiology taping both as part of a treatment where necessary, and on its own to aid the first stages (acute phase) of injury.

Deep tissue massage is as it would seem – working deeper into the muscles to alleviate chronic soreness.  A classic example of the beneficial use of deep tissue massage would be someone who has fairly good tolerance of firmer massage strokes, and is presenting with long-term stiff shoulders which may be caused by office work, driving, bad posture, or a combination of all of these things!

Lymphatic drainage is a very different approach, using gentle pumping techniques as opposed to massage. Swelling, stress and recurring infections are but a few of the cases it helps. For more information see our age on lymphatic drainage. 


  • £30 for 30 min
  • £40 for 45 min
  • £55 for one hour

Please cancel or amend bookings outside of 24 hours to avoid being charged. Thank you.

Meet The Massage Team

The aim is to reduce strain and discomfort, relieve pain and facilitate movement whether you are retired, work in an office or do manual work, and regardless of whether you are active or not. Age and ability do not matter, the treatments will always encourage the body to heal and repair, leaving you feeling rejuvenated.

Vida, Tania, Nicky, Sharon and Greg have a total of 81 years experience between them and we are all BTEC level 4 or level 5 certified.

From treating athletes and dancers, office workers and builders, they all have a wide range of expertise. The team pride themselves on listening to your needs and tailor your treatment to you.

  1. Vida obtained BTEC level 5 qualification from the London School of Sports Massage 14 years ago and has worked at a wide variety of venues and events.  She still offers treatments at Therapies in Sanderstead on Saturdays and Mondays since opening her own practice, Therapy and Life Centre in 2014.  She can also offer lymphatic drainage, pregnancy massage, and kinesiology taping.

  1. Tania has a degree in Sports Science and is also BTEC level 5 qualified from the London School of Sports Massage.  She can offer biomechanical assessment and foot analysis and is a keen runner.  She specialises in injury whilst also offering remedial massage in her day to day work.

  1. Sharon studied Sports Massage at the Twickenham University to ITEC Diploma Level 4. Sharon is excellent at assessing clients’ pain points and manipulating specific muscles and soft tissues to provide pain relief and promote well-being. She effectively guides clients in self-care techniques, including stretching and/or heat/Cold Therapy.  Sharon also offers pregnancy massage.

  1. Greg left the world of IT behind him to become a certified BTEC Level 5 Clinical and Remedial Soft Tissue Therapist, which he received after training at The School of Natural Therapies.  Greg is a member of The ISRM & The FHT professional bodies and can also provide you with our Kinesiology Taping service.

  1. Nicky trained at Twickenham University to ITEC Diploma Level 4, and through her own experience in treating gymnasts and dancers over many years, she prides herself on being able to offer the necessary relief from specific pain, and tired, aching muscles with a much more remedial and holistic approach. Nicky also offers pregnancy massage.