Pregnancy Massage – The Benefits

During pregnancy, the body is undergoing many changes, and pregnancy massage provides enormous benefits throughout for both mother to be and baby as you both prepare for the enormous changes ahead. It emotionally and physiologically supports a woman and can help her prepare her body for birth.

  • Pregnancy Massage and it’s Benefits
    Musculoskeletal System – Weight gain causes problems with posture and breathing, affecting nerves, muscles and joints, and muscles surrounding the hips can become sore and tender as they expand. Massage helps ease muscular tension in the shoulders, and especially the lower back pain during this time.
  • Circulatory System – The volume of blood in the body almost doubles, and it is this which can lead to swollen feet and ankles. During later stages of pregnancy, the blood can be more prone to clotting. Massage speeds up the circulation, therefore increasing oxygen and nutrients to the baby and helping remove waste through the lymphatic system. This, in turn, helps eliminate fatigue in you, giving you more energy.
  • Respiratory System – The rib cage contracts as the foetus grows and the uterus enlarges. As the amount of space occupied by the lungs is decreased, this can lead to shortness of breath. The relaxing effects of massage cause deeper breathing and can help respiratory problems such as asthma.
  • Digestive System – Constipation is common, and along with a healthy balanced diet, gentle massage of the abdomen area can help relieve this.
  • Hormones – Massage encourages the release of oxytocin, a pain reducing hormone providing vital relief of pain during labour and birth.
  • Varicose Veins – Massage helps to avoid varicose veins from developing.
  • Stress – Pregnancy massage helps to reduce emotional stress and anxiety, and creates a vital feeling of well being.
  • Deep Relaxation – Sleeping well during the last month of pregnancy results in shorter labours. Pregnancy massage induces deep relaxation, helping with peaceful sleep.

Pregnancy Massage and Safety
It is safe to undertake Pregnancy Massage after 16 weeks. Some GPs will allow after 12 weeks but treatment can only take place with their approval in writing. As well as the usual contraindications to pregnancy massage, specific conditions related to pregnancy must be considered. These may affect the treatment undertaken. These issues will be discussed at the time of booking or making an enquiry.