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Meet the Team at TLC

Meet the Team at TLC
Meet the Team

Meet the Team that aims to reduce strain and discomfort, relieve pain and facilitate movement. Whether retired, working in an office, or carrying out manual work, it doesn’t matter how active you are. Age and physical ability do not matter. The treatment will always encourage the body to heal and repair, leaving you feeling rejuvenated.

Vida, Tania, Nicky, Sharon, Will, and Liz are all fully qualified and experienced practitioners with extensive expertise. 

They also tailor everyone’s treatment to individual needs. These treatments range from sports massage, deep tissue massage, pregnancy massage, and Manual Lymphatic Drainage. Some information is provided below to help you choose the right practitioner for you.

Vida is the founder of TLC. She has a BTEC level 5 qualification from the London School of Sports Massage. She now focuses on one-to-one treatment, having gained experience at sports events and Rugby teams. Vida provides MLD treatment and pregnancy massage. Vida is often in her garden or walking her two Jack Russells in her spare time.

Tania has a degree in Sports Science and is also BTEC level 5 qualified with ten years of experience. She trained at the North London School of Sports Massage and excelled in biomechanics and sports injury. She can find the cause of pain and offer the right course of treatment. The use of several effective soft tissue techniques and self-care and rehabilitation advice assures your well-being. She also has a wealth of experience treating many sports, work, and lifestyle-related issues. She also offers Manual Lymphatic Drainage and K taping. In her spare time, she enjoys running and swimming.

Meet the Team for the relief of pain and discomfort

Will started as a personal trainer seven years ago, operating mainly in the City of London. Being a back-pain sufferer led to his specialisation in low-back-pain management and corrective exercises. He continued his professional development by completing a Level 4 Certificate in Sports Massage. His education and experience have allowed him to help many clients. Will help his clients move better, manage their back pain, and improve their quality of life. Consequently, he manages his back pain and develops his strength into a regional (and hopefully national!) class powerlifter. Will is available from midday until 10 pm on Wednesdays and every other Saturday.

Sharon originally studied sports massage at Twickenham University for ITEC Diploma Level 4. She has also recently completed Level 5 and has an immense love of learning.  She is fantastic at assessing clients’ pain points and goes above and beyond when guiding clients with self-care techniques. Sharon is available on Mondays from 3 pm until 9 pm and every other Saturday.

Meet the Team you can rely on!

Nicky trained at Twickenham University for ITEC Diploma Level 4. Involvement in the world of twirling for more years than she cares to remember. It is the love of her life. For many years she has treated gymnasts and dancers. Together with the world travel, she has done, it shines through. Her approach is much more remedial and holistic, and Nicky, therefore, looks after our deep tissue, pregnancy, and MLD clients. She is available Tuesday afternoons and Thursday mornings. Her daytime availability can sometimes change, so please call us if availability is not showing.

Liz’s qualifications include sports massage to NLSSM level 5. She is available most days throughout the week, apart from Saturdays with the Chipstead football club.  Her naturally caring nature means that she also loves looking after our older clients.

To make a booking, please telephone us or click on our online booking link; BOOK NOW.  If you have any queries, you are welcome to leave a message on the Contact Us.