We have had some wonderful feedback from clients…..

“Vida has made an incredible difference to my recovery time and helped me to be aware of how to make lifestyle changes to try and stay injury free in my training!  The benefits are amazing, thanks Vida!” – Richard Belton, Sanderstead

“I arrived at the first session with low self-confidence and high anxiety. During the weekly counselling, I had a number of ‘wow moments’, where I started to really understand why and how I have reacted to difficult situations. I started to understand the impact of my childhood on my ability to have belief and self-worth as an adult. I am not much more balanced in my approach to situations, I deal with difficult situations with more clarity and resilience and I am able to cope more consistently with the challenges life throws at you. Jennifer helped me to work through grief, sadness and helped me to understand “why?”. – Jennie 

“What a lovely, quiet and clean little place this is.  I didn’t even know it was there!  I was made very welcome and thoroughly recommend these lovely people”– Mrs Tilling, Coulsdon 


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